The truth about CRT & BLM and why they are unbiblical

Critical Race Theory in the Light of Biblical Truth

Speaker Bio:
Joe Daltorio is Lead Pastor of River of Life Community Church,  an equipping and training center and house church network based in Hudson, Ohio. The church was founded by him and his  wife, Janice in 1997. 

Pastor Joe Daltorio

He serves on the Executive Board of Messenger Fellowship, an  international community dedicated to developing leaders that  lead like Jesus and churches that demonstrate The Kingdom of  God. Messenger is called to convene leaders for the purpose of  exploring The Ways of God, cover leaders by fostering  supportive communities of safety and accountability, and co mission leaders by providing essential theological resources and  creating strategic ministry partnerships. 

Joe also serves on the Executive Board of HarvestNet Ministries,  an expression of the city-wide Church in the Cleveland-Akron  area. HarvestNet is a Kingdom – focused organization  composed of church and marketplace leaders with a common  vision to see all of NE Ohio wonderfully renewed by the Gospel  of the Kingdom. 

Joe has spoken at conferences and as a guest speaker in  churches. He has also led evangelism and ministry planting  teams in Argentina and Chile and participated in leadership  training conferences in France, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, and the  United States.  

His passion in ministry is to see ongoing reformation in the  Church and Transformation in Society. His goal is to train  disciple-makers and a new generation of leaders for the Church  and Workplace.

The BLM Diversion: Considerations for Standing Firm in the Present Climate of Deception

Carlton Smith

Speaker Bio:
Carlton Smith is the Founder and President of Architekton Global, a unique organization providing consultations, teaching and training to organizations covering a wide range of issues and interests related to governments, businesses, educational institutions, media, family and community organizations, and Christian ministries. He currently serves on the National Board of Directors for Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC) and was the founder of and gave leadership to Antioch Fellowship Assembly, a network of New Testament House Churches.

He has served in leadership capacities for more than forty years with organizations focusing on urban issues, reconciliation, public policy, economic and community development, city-wide Christian collaboration, prayer, and church planting and pastoral ministry.

Carlton and his wife LaWanda currently reside in the Cleveland area. They are the parents of three adult sons and their wives, and the proud grandparents of six grandchildren.

Past Event Details:

Date: Thursday, September 30, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Chardon Christian Fellowship
             401 South Hambden St

This event was free and open to the community.
Below is the video for the event.

CRT, BLM and a Biblical Worldview
Joe Daltorio’s Slideshow Presentation (pdf)
Joe Daltorio’s Slideshow Presentation (pdf)
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Carlton Smith’s Slideshow Pres. (pdf, portrait)
Carlton Smith’s Slideshow Pres. (pdf, portrait)
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