Psalm 107:1

Psalm 107:1

My definition of Thanksgiving Day: It is the beginning of another 365 days for all of us to live out “An Attitude of Gratitude for All of God’s Blessings.” Of course every “leap year,” we have an extra day to be grateful.


If you had to list the things you are thankful for,
Would it be a short list, or would the paper reach the floor?

I, myself, have long list – on and on it goes.
The top priority is my family – each and everyone of those.

My friends run a close second and are important in my life.
Next is my home environment – away from stress and strife.

A job that I am grateful for – that adds onto my wealth.
A hearty appetite – that contributes to my health.

My Church is most important – that’s where my friends hang out,
That’s where we learn to handle what life is all about.

My Bible is my map and guide book and I consult it every day.
It shows me what road to take, so I don’t get lost along the way

I am thankful that I live in this great nation.
Where, so far, I can talk about Jesus without retaliation.

All of this would not be possible without God’s great love.
So, first, to Him I give thanks for these blessings from above.

– Dorothy P. Witt  (November 1996)


Since everything we have comes from God, and we would have nothing without Him giving it to us, including our lives, we need to be thankful to God.

Psalm 107:1 – “Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”

Do we pause to thank God for a beautiful day, a good meal, a restful night, or do we take everything He gives us for granted? God is good to us. Are we good to Him?

A closing thought from Granny Witt:

God’s goodness goes unnoticed in all the little things.
Take time today to thank Him for all the joy He brings.

Sherry Sanders (November 2016)