1 Peter 1:13


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“Prepare your minds for action”  1 Peter 1:13

Path of Life
Salt and light to the world.

One of my prayers to the Lord is to grow in ability and to be more effective at shining as God’s light to a dying world.1 Striving for such a goal in this busy world necessitates “more easily said than done” daily vigilance on consistently reading and studying the Word.2 Applying those revealed principals first to my own life and then I can serve more effectively at being a beacon to all that is under the the sun.3

Someone that goes to martial arts training starts with very basic exercises. As they advance, they gradually move up to more complex forms. They practice the same movements over and over until it becomes ingrained and almost like second nature. When the time comes, they are able to make the necessary movements without even taking time to think about it. It just happens.

Likewise, when our Police, Firemen, Military and so forth, go through proper training they go through various scenarios to ingrain desired actions. This helps them prepare to respond quickly and appropriately to situations they encounter out in the field.

May it be well with us to prepare a response not only to questions within our own minds, but to others as well. So many have either abandoned the Faith or simply ignored it altogether because of unanswered questions, and then not being able to reconcile those questions within the distractions of their daily lives.4 By tending this garden you are pursuing a good work that will not be burned up on the day of judgment.5

God is holy and righteous and just. It follows that God’s wrath must be justly satisfied. With His blood6, Christ paid for you and anyone who chooses to submit and place their trust in Him. Not because He wanted slaves or minions, but because justice must be done and He was so kind to save us from that judgement.

We are Ambassadors for Christ.7 Are you being productive for the Kingdom and running for the prize8 or merely doing what is already expected of you?9 Are you training yourself in the Word and storing it in your heart? Do you pour yourself out to God in worship and prayer?10 Do you sharpen yourself in the fellowship of our Brothers and Sisters?11 And lastly, are you performing the duties of an Ambassador to those outside of His kingdom?12

By working through and answering these questions through prayer and reflection, everyone of us can take an account of ourselves and re-align our course if necessary. In so doing we can hold out the Lamp on the Path of Life13 as we carry on toward our hope that is in Jesus Christ.

“Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 1:13 (NASB)

Keith Parker (October 2016)


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