Parties For A Purpose

Parties For A Purpose

On SATURDAY, September 22 we will have our third Party For A Purpose. This month we will be having a work day at the church to get the exterior ready for winter. If it rains, we will move the fun indoors! Dinner is provided and the whole family is invited to come fellowship while we work together!

Our collection for September’s party is the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry and Chaplain Ethan Maynard. Please bring any of the following:

~paperback devotionals
~paperback books on prayer
~paperback Bible dictionaries
~softcover Bibles (NKJV, NIV, ESV, Spanish)
~reading glasses of various powers (available at Dollar Tree for $1)
~mini Bible study booklets on a book of the Bible or topical

Hope to see you there!

These parties, which occur once monthly throughout the summer, are more than a time of family fellowship (kids and teens welcome!) where we will share a meal, play some games and get to know each other, but also each one will have a specific purpose that will benefit either our community or church body.

Parties for a Purpose
The organizers are Steve & Alicia Taylor. Fill out the form below to indicate you will be present at a party. This form can also be used for questions and comments, or you may call the organizers directly at (440) 759-4630.

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